7593 S. Airport Rd.
West Jordan, UT 84084

Owner: Utah National Guard
Architect: Ridgeline Design Concepts LLC
Gramoll Construction Contact: Aaron Nielsen
175 West 1100 North
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
(801) 295-2341 Phone
(801) 295-2356 Fax

Bids Due: 11:00 AM on September 19, 2017


Gramoll Construction has been selected by the Utah DFCM as a shortlisted bidding General Contractor on the Utah National Guard, North Hangar Remodel project in West Jordan, Utah.  Your bid is requested on the North Hangar Remodel project which is valued at approximately $7,000,000.

Subcontractor bids are due to Gramoll Construction by Tuesday, September 19th at 11:00 AM.

The project consists of a complete renovation of the north hangar facility including offices, hangar, base operations, restrooms, mechanical and electrical per drawings and specifications.  Project also includes as alternates build out and a second floor addition at the southeast corner of the building.

The project is to be completed by January 31, 2019.

Any RFIs or product substitution requests must be mailed to Aaron Nielsen before 1:00 PM on Monday, September 11th.


Please be aware that this project has three Alternates.  These Alternates are made up of different portions of the building and construction options and cover all scopes of work.  All Subcontractor/Supplier bids are required to separate out their pricing appropriately into a separate price for each Alternate.  All Subcontractors/Suppliers are required to complete the Bid Form (available in the link towards the bottom of the page) and submit it to Gramoll Construction along with a full proposal on company letterhead including contact information, pricing breakouts, inclusions, exclusions and etc.  The Alternates have been clarified in Addendum #2 and #3 so please review these Addenda thoroughly.  The comments regarding Alternates in these Addenda supersede any other references to the Alternates that may be found in the original specifications., the original drawings or Addendum #1.  The Alternates are as follows:

  • Base Bid – The base bid to include all work in the existing Hangar, the new addition to the West Wing an the new addition to the East Wing.
  • Alternate No. 1 – This includes all work in the existing East Wing, including the demolition and infill of the shooting range.
  • Alternate No. 2 – This includes all work in the existing West Wing (excluding any work associated with Alternate #3 (Mezzanine))
  • Alternate No. 3 – All work associated with construction of the mezzanine.*

*** A more detailed description of the Alternates including color-coded drawings in included in Addenda #2 and #3.

  1. Please carefully review all of the project documents including Drawings, Specifications, the Appendix of the Specifications and all Addenda.
  2. A copy of Gramoll’s Subcontractor Agreement is available for review here.  Any modifications to this agreement shall be approved in writing by Gramoll Construction prior to submission of bids.
  3. This is NOT a tax exempt project.  Tax must be included on all bids.

Please contact Aaron Nielsen if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.

Gramoll Construction on behalf of the Utah National Guard and Ridgeline Design Architects reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to waive any formality or technicality in any proposal in the interest of the owner.





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