Owner: Utah State University
Architect: Sparano + Mooney
Duration: October 2015 – February 2017
Project Value: $12,900,000
Project Delivery Method: Value Based CM/GC
Gramoll Construction Contact: Gary Hansen
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North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
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This project consists of remodels of Kent Concert Hall, Music Wing, Tippetts Gallery, and an addition/remodel to the Scene Shop in the Chase Fine Arts Center at the Utah State University Campus.

Bid Package 1 is an approximately 7,200 SF addition to the Chase Fine Arts Complex with an additional 2,000 SF of remodeled space right next to the addition.

Bid Packages 2 and 3 consists of 3 distinct areas of the complex:

1. Kent Concert Hall (22,000 SF).  For Bid Package 2, the Kent Concert hall is being completely remodeled.  The ceiling and walls will be removed, the existing structure will be modified and new structure installed.  Concrete will be removed for new structural concrete to be installed and the existing concrete will be patched back in.  Fire sprinklers will be added.  The mechanical system will be demolished and rebuilt with exposed ductwork.  A new elevator will be installed.  Bid Package #3 includes miscellaneous steel, tension grid, decorative wood paneling, millwork, insulation, fire stopping, sealants, expansion joints, hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, hardware, cold formed framing, non-structural framing, drywall, glazing, ceramic tile, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound panels, carpet, vct, painting, signage, fire protection specialties, toilet and bath accessories, theatrical and stage equipment, theatrical lighting,  audio visual equipment, sound equipment, electrical and communications.

2. Tippetts Gallery (8,500 SF).  For Bid Package #2, the Tippetts gallery will have minor demolition, structural and concrete work in it.  A new sprinkler system will be installed and the existing mechanical system will be modified.  Bid Package #3 will have miscellaneous steel, millwork, hardwood flooring, insulation, fire stopping, sealants, expansion joints, hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors, hardware, coiling doors, cold formed framing, non-structural framing, drywall, storefront, glazing, acoustic ceiling tiles,  painting, signage, fire protection specialties, electrical and communications.

3. Music Wing (40,000 SF).  For Bid Package #2, the music wing on the project will have the ceilings in the hallways and 6 class rooms removed.  The existing dual duct boxes will be removed.  A new fire sprinkler systems and new dual duct boxes with new controls will be installed in the spaces to serve the entire area.  Bid Package #3 includes fire stopping, sealants, non-structural framing, drywall, acoustic ceiling tiles, painting, electrical and communications.

Please see the individual bid pages for these projects for more information: Bid Package 1 (here), Bid Package 2 (here) and Bid Package 3 (here).

Please contact Gary Hansen if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project.

Gramoll Construction on behalf of the DFCM, Utah State University and Sparano + Mooney reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to waive any formality or technicality in any proposal in the interest of the owner.




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